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At Maverick, we operate with the highest standards to deliver best-in-class title services to our clients.

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Maverick Title Services, LLC is a full-service title insurance service company offering comprehensive title insurance products, real property research, and other ancillary title insurance services throughout New York.

If you require a service that you do not see on our website, please contact us for a full list of services, or a tailored solution.

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We deliver the attitude, behavior, experience, and resources you want in a title company.


We deliver innovative goal-driven techniques and solutions you need in a title company.


We deliver the confident execution you expect in a title company.

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Residential Title Services

Residential Title

Residential Title Services

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Title Insurance from Beginning to End. Part 1: Requesting Title Insurance

In this six-part series from Maverick Title Services, LLC, we will describe the process that a title company uses to ensure a buyer’s property’s title is clear for the issuance of a title insurance policy. Part 1: Requesting Title Insurance Enter stage left, Patty Purchaser! Patty is a first-time homebuyer. With mortgage rates coming down, […]

Title insurance keeps you safe in an unexpected storm

Have you ever been caught in a rainstorm? Imagine it’s a beautiful fall day, the air is crisp, and you are out for a walk in your new suede coat. Out of nowhere, the sky opens. Rain falls in buckets. You didn’t bring an umbrella and there is nothing to duck under – it’s just you […]

Title is not a boring word

Recently, a few people have made side comments to me like, “Oh, working with title must be so boring!” and “I’d rather do anything than real estate law.” Agree to disagree. When I was a kid, I remember staring at the For Sale signs on homes and businesses and picturing myself in them. For each […]

All deeds are not created equal  

An attorney, an accountant and an actor walk into a bar. All three offer you a deed to their land.. The attorney speaks up, “My land is sure to be to your satisfaction. Take my Warranty Deed.” The accountant adjusts his glasses and steps forward. “No, my land is better. Take my Bargain and Sale […]

596 Million Reasons You Need Title Insurance

$596,000,000. That is how much the title industry paid in claims in 2022, according to a recent article by DS News’ Eric C. Peck. Imagine, after months of searching, you finally find the perfect property. It meets all of your needs and even has a few extras you hadn’t counted on. Best of all, even […]