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Residential Title Services

Residential & Commercial Title Insurance Services

Maverick Title Services, LLC is a New York State licensed an authorized agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

Maverick is a full-service title insurance service company serving sellers, buyers, lenders, and attorneys throughout New York. We provide a complete line of residential and commercial real property title services on residential and commercial transactions. Our title services include, but are not limited to:

  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Document copies
  • Document recordings
  • Judgment searches
  • Last owner searches
  • Lien searches
  • One-owner searches
  • Property tax searches

Abstract Services

Maverick Title Services, LLC also provides abstracting services, including:

  • Abstract continuations
  • Back title searches
  • Builder’s tract searches
  • New/40/60-Year searches
  • Redate of existing Abstracts of Title
  • Stub/Stub30/Last owner searches

Research Services

Maverick Title Services, LLC also provides ancillary services, including:

  • Bankruptcy search
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Franchise tax searches
  • Judgment search
  • Lien search
  • Patriot searches
  • Post-closing recording
  • Tax searches
  • UCC searches

Closing Attorney Services

Maverick Title Services, LLC is owned and operated by the law firm of Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC. The firm’s closing attorneys can help you with all of your residential & commercial closing needs.


Policy Underwriting

All title insurance policies are underwritten by one of the following:

Chicago Title Insurance Company
Fidelity National Title