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Residential Title Services

Mission Statement

People. Our clients are the heart and soul of Maverick Title Services and our parent company, Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC.

Purchasing a piece of property is an enormous undertaking filled with time constraints and unknowns that can be overwhelming to someone not familiar with the process. Here at Maverick, when we look at a parcel, we see more than brick and mortar. We see a window to the past. With the assistance of our dedicated searchers, we are able to catch a glimpse of the history living within those walls. The properties that we share our neighborhood with, that we shop in, even the land that surrounds us – they each have their own story. How many people have owned this parcel in the last fifty years, or in the last one hundred? What was important to them? Who did they leave this property to? How did it grow and develop into what it is today. These are questions that may have been lost to time but can be rediscovered through the pages of deeds, restrictive covenants, loan agreements, easements, and surveys.

It is our mission to reveal the truth of the past, uncovering any encumbrances or title issues, so that when our clients close on a piece of property, they can have confidence that their investment is sound and protected.

Let Maverick Title Services be part of your legacy.