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Title is not a boring word

Recently, a few people have made side comments to me like, “Oh, working with title must be so boring!” and “I’d rather do anything than real estate law.”

Agree to disagree.

When I was a kid, I remember staring at the For Sale signs on homes and businesses and picturing myself in them. For each building there was a story, a different life or adventure that could be found just behind that front door. Back then, I imagined those buildings in the future, what they would look like and who would live there.

And now, I have the amazing opportunity to delve into the past. The properties that we share in our neighborhoods, that we shop in, even the land that surrounds us – they each have their own story.

How many people have owned this parcel in the last 50 years, or in the last 100? What was important to them? Who did they leave this property to? How did it grow and develop into what it is today?

These are questions that may have been lost to time but can be rediscovered through the pages of deeds, restrictive covenants, loan agreements, easements, and surveys.

So, no title and real estate work is not boring. It’s perspective.


Pauline M. Morris is a Title Coordinator at Maverick Title Services, LLC, and Paralegal at Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC where she supports real estate, business and corporate, and litigation practices.